You can call me Unfair - a name that came from playing too much Unreal Tournament with friends: "That's not fair!"

Lately I've been playing a lot of indie games and bundles, but I started gaming on consoles - NES, and eventually N64. Wolfenstein 3D was the first PC game I remember playing at a friend's house, but it wasn't until Age of Empires 2 that I jumped into PC gaming heavily.

In college I spent most of my free time on Runescape and Utopia, and after that played World of Warcraft for a couple years on and off - leveling four 80s (Priest, Warlock, Hunter, Druid) and healing Naxx and Ulduar 10 mans raids. Now I mostly play multiplayer and co-op games with friends on Steam, as well as plenty of single player PC gaming.

Favorite game: Deus Ex
Favorite FPS: Unreal Tournament
Favorite Turn-based: Alpha Centauri