Let's Talk - Activism & GamerGate

Let's Talk about the impact of GamerGate and Social Activism on video games and video game culture. Are the journalists and activists being responsible and improving the variety and content in gaming?

How to make a good game - tips for developers

Let's discuss the important tips for game designers and developers. There are a lot of things that may seem obvious, but are actually common mistakes that too many game developers make. One small element can be the difference between a failure and success when designing a game!

Let's Talk about DLC, Season Passes, and Episodic Content

Are DLC, Season Passes, and Episodic Content really good for gamers? Let's take a look at some examples and talk about how it affects us.

Let's Talk - Is Personalization Hurting Video Games?

Personalization is a modern phenomenon, but has it gone too far? Is it becoming detrimental to games? And how can we solve the complaints of critics like Anita Sarkeesian who want more female characters? Maybe emphasizing character customization is just a result of asking the wrong questions.

Let's Talk - What is a Gamer?

Let's talk about what defines a gamer. Is everyone a gamer? What about hardcore or casual gamers? Gaming journalists are supposed to be gamers - but are they really?

Let's Talk about Game Review Scores

Let's talk about whether numeric scores are a useful part of game reviews, along with scores accumulated from crowd-sourced reviews.

Let's Talk about Making Better Video Games

Let's talk about how to make better video games. What issues do you want to see developers tackle most, to improve video games?

Let's Talk about Feminism and Sexism in Video Games

Let's talk about Sexism and Feminism in video games, as well as examining the arguments of Anita Sarkeesian - one of the most vocal YouTube personalities on the subject.