Let's Talk about Bundles Hurting Game Sales

Let's talk about Bundles and Sales - do they help or hurt the developers and game industry?

Let's Talk about Early Access games

Let's talk about Early Access - is Steam's early release system helping or hurting the game industry?

Let's Talk about Unlockable Guns and Upgrades

Let's talk about unlockables and level restrictions in video games - especially multiplayer games. Do these really enhance the experience, and why did old games thrive without these restrictions?

Let's Talk about Why Multiplayer is Dying

Let's talk about what causes a multiplayer game to fail, and if it's smart for indie developers to focus on multiplayer.

Let's Talk about Rising Video Game Prices

Let's talk about whether game prices rising, or have they become a commodity - something low priced and common?

Let's Talk about Griefing - Is It Always Bad?

Let's Talk about whether griefing can actually be beneficial to a game, or if it's always a negative influence. What is the difference between normal PvP and griefing?

Let's Talk about Free-to-Play Addiction

Let's Talk about Free-to-Play games and how they effect the perception of gamers. Is F2P a good thing, or just a way to get more money from customers?

Let's Talk about Patreon versus Adsense ads

Let's Talk about crowdfunding, microtransactions, and Patreon. Are these new funding models a viable option for the future of content creation? I also want to start by taking a look at the numbers Patreon used on their blog, since they aren't completely accurate when they compare Adsense vs Patreon.

Let's Talk about Realism In Video Games

Let's Talk about realism in video games and the definition of an RPG.

Let's Talk about Bias In Video Game Reviews

Let's Talk about bias in video game reviews, specifically on the viewer's part.