Port Royale 3 [Steam store page]
Quick review of Port Royale 3

Synopsis:"While the combat could use some more depth, I really enjoyed the trading aspect of this game. Just wish it had more of a real campaign."

Infested Planet [Steam store page]
Quick review of Infested Planet

Synopsis:"This squad-based RTS can be incredibly challenging, and your play style will constantly change as you unlock upgrades throughout the campaign."

Dead Man's Draw [Steam store page]
Quick review of Dead Man's Draw

Synopsis:"I really enjoyed the amount of variety in this single-player card game. There are some really unique card mechanics that keep it fresh and challenging."

Quick review of Tiny Thief

Synopsis:"As a cute, casual experience this game was a lot of fun. Easy to just pick up and play a level or two when you have a few free minutes."

Long Live The Queen [Steam store page]
Quick review of Long Live The Queen

Synopsis:"While I don't often play spreadsheet games, this one was an interesting experience. There are tons of branching options and ways to die instantly."

State of Decay [Steam store page]
Quick review of State of Decay

Synopsis:"Definitely pick up the DLC on this one - the main game is almost like a tutorial for this open-world zombie survival experience."

Quick review of Contrast

Synopsis:"I like the unique feel of the world, and the combination of characters and puzzles make it very engaging."

Transcripted [Steam store page]
Quick review of Transcripted

Synopsis:"This was an interesting genre mashup between match-three and shooting, and the voice acting was pretty satisfying as well."

Quick review of F.E.A.R. 3

Synopsis:"I wasn't a big fan of previous F.E.A.R. games, but this was a good 2-player co-op experience. The characters are completely different but synergize well"

Don't Starve [Steam store page]
Quick review of Don't Starve

Synopsis:"A very satisfying survival experience in a strange world - this game offers a plethora of characters to unlock and items to build."