Groupees Build-a-Bundle 4
Groupees is back with another build-a-bundle, which will cost you from $1.50 for 2 games, up to $5.75 if you want all 9 titles. There are three RTS type games - Stellar Impact, Men of War, and Fantasy Wars.

Orczz is a line-defense game, similar to Plants Vs Zombies. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a speed control though, so it takes quite a long time to slog through the levels. Robin Hood is somewhat like the Commandos series - older and runs at fairly low resolutions.

Velvet Assassin is somewhat like Hitman - unfortunately the biggest flaw is that once you're seen you have no ability to kill the enemy with melee attacks, unless you have a morphine power-up available. This can be rather frustrating. You should at least get a chance to kill them, especially if they're right in front of you.

Vitrium is a first-person puzzle game, somewhat like Q.U.B.E. - though the gameplay is much rougher at this point. They don't fully explain the mechanics in the tutorial, and if you make a single mistake on any part of the level you go back to the very beginning. This can be frustrating in the bland tutorial areas. They definitely need more checkpoints for these.

Finally there is Zombies, a rather short but still review-worthy isometric shooter:

It's rather unfortunate that Velvet Assassin and Vitrium have annoying flaws, they looked like they had the most potential when I purchased this bundle.