Quick review of Expand

The design of this game is really well polished - I was given a review copy and accidentally started on the final level, using a beta-testing savegame, and had no problem picking it up right away - it's very intuitive. They do try to give you a gradual introduction when you start from the beginning of the game as well though.

I would highly recommend a gamepad though - it's exponentially more difficult without one since you're rarely moving in a straight line. The whole concept seems like it would be a difficult and/or frustrating game that requires a lot of replaying levels to get them right - but the checkpoints are so frequent that it's actually a very relaxing experience with nice instrumental music in the background.

The whole thing is only about 1hr45min long, and is split into 4 different sections, each with their own flavor of obstacles. This keeps it relatively fresh throughout, although you will recognize certain patterns repeated here and there. Often the gameplay really boils down to going with your gut, because things frequently appear or move based on your character. Because of the frequent checkpoints this didn't feel cheap though, it was an engaging experience that had a feeling of exploration even though it was relatively linear.

So if you're looking for a challenging obstacle course this probably isn't the game for you - but if you just want to relax and chill out for a couple hours it's a pleasant experience.

Synopsis:"A short (<2hrs) and relaxing obstacle-dodging experience with a nice soundtrack and neat design. Use a game controller though, much harder without one."