This game has a weird difficulty curve and progression - it's a randomly generated dungeon, and the first couple levels are downright boring. If you spend 15 minutes fighting a decent number of enemies on the next 4-5 levels you'll have all the upgrades necessary for the rest of the game.

At that point they pull out the suicide bomber enemies that can one-hit you, and then it's just a rush for the exit in the next ten levels. Sure you could sit around and fight stuff while dodging the explosions, but there really isn't any point.

Aside from the balance and pacing, the combat is also super simple - just swing and block. And blocking is rarely necessary, usually you can just run circles around the enemies while swinging wildly. This gets pretty repetitive even with all the enemy types, so although it's randomly generated I doubt I'd go back and play more after the first couple hours.

Synopsis:"Odd progression curve that goes from boring, to hack-n-slash, to running for your life. Because the combat is just attack and block it gets repetitive."