The Stanley Parable [Steam store page]
Quick review of The Stanley Parable

This game is a walking simulator built mostly around the narrator, who guides you through the "correct" path in the game, and narrates a story based on your obediance or lack thereof. It's decent if you enjoy exposition, and has some surprises - there are somewhere around 16 endings total - though after a couple hours I didn't care enough to find the rest of them. Most people probably won't discover all the content without a guide anyway - some of them are complicated or tedious to unlock.

So while it's well produced and humorous, I did eventually find myself wishing it had some legitimate gameplay - you can't even jump and most places are just a choice between two paths. So while it has a lot of decisions they all feel relatively shallow. The other thing I would have enjoyed is more visual endings. Only a couple had a specific cutscene at the end and this felt a lot more compelling and meaningful than the narrator giving you a speech and placing you at the beginning of the game. (Yeah, I get it, the whole game is a joke about game design - but still like the cutscene ending best)

Obviously I lean more toward visual experiences and puzzle solving than narrated stories, but it wasn't a bad experience. Just not something I loved quite as much as some other people seem to.

Synopsis:"A decent narration-heavy walking simulator with an emphasis on humor. Linear with a number of branching paths that give around 18 different endings."