A strange one-button runner - hold to run, release to jump. Unfortunately because of the screen shake and precise reactions required at certain areas it seems more geared toward memorization than one-playthrough based on your skill.

This is especially true on the level 4 speed, which gives you basically no time to react, you have to know what's coming since your character falls rather slowly. So you'll miss the platform if you hold your button to drop too late - and too late on the higher speeds means "when you see it".

I was also a little put off by the way they handled ascending to other levels, since there isn't a good indication of how high you can jump. This problem is compounded because you can actually plow into the side of platforms - so if you miss your jump you can completely ruin the run. This was more frustrating on some downward falling sections though, where theres a low roof with a platform below it.

Because of the line-art style this roof section isn't clear until a bit too late, and if you hesitate and let off your fall you'll plow right into it. Yes, you can run across the roof - but that's a choice you have to make beforehand, once you start falling you've missed the opportunity and will plow into the roof if you stop falling - something you only learn from experience. You have to try to anticipate your jump and fall trajectories, this isn't a game where you can reach the edge of a platform and instantly press to fall onto it.

The endless mode is much more simple - no verticality, just a single stream of platforms that you have to hit properly. The issues I mentioned before, camera shake and face-planting into the edge of platforms are your major enemies here. Since there aren't any roof segments the face-plant only happens when you screw up your trajectory, which is fine but becomes bland very quickly. Sure it can get fast, but it's very monotonous after a few minutes. If you want to watch someone play this mode I'd suggest this video (Skip to the yellow segments to see the faster/fastest gameplay)

So the more engaging part of the game is all about memorization, but there is a bland infinite mode if you want it. There are plenty of other games that do infinite reaction-based gameplay so much better though.

Synopsis:"A one-button runner that's more about memorization than reflexes in the handful of premade levels. There's also a bland and simplistic endless mode."