Noir Syndrome [Steam store page]
This is basically the board game "Guess Who" in pixel art form. You go around the city talking to people and inspecting objects - the people will name suspects and the objects will give clues about the profession, gender, etc of the murderer. Often it's two choices, so one clue will tell you the suspect is a "dancer or poet" and another will tell you "poet or driver", so you can deduce that the killer must be a poet.

Unfortunately because you don't know all the suspects up front it's often a frustrating waiting game to see who the candidates are, even if you know that the murderer has to be a female poet. Keep in mind there are often multiple suspects with the same profession as well, so just because a female poet is added to your list doesn't mean she's the only possibility.

This would be much better if you knew the whole roster going into it, because I've had quite a few games where I didn't even know all the suspects by the end.

Synopsis:"Basically a flawed pixel-art version of the board game "Guess Who". Hard to accuse a killer when you don't even know all the suspects by the game end."