ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition [Steam store page]
Enslaved is a third person adventure game. I would call it a jumping puzzle game, but it's completely linear and doesn't let you fall off by pressing the wrong direction, so a monkey could beat the jumping puzzles with trial and error. Occasionally you have to use your companion to distract enemies, or do a bit of 3-button combat, but it's all pretty basic.

Speaking of monkey, that's actually the name of the main character - and really the only detail I didn't like about the story. Everything else about the characters was pretty decent, and the overall story was interesting enough - not as cliche as I was expecting. That said, I felt like the environments left a bit to be desired - mainly because of the camera angles.

Since it's in downward third-person perspective it's a bit awkward to look at the cool scenery, and would have been much more visually appealing as a first-person experience. There are numerous cutscenes as you enter areas, so that makes up for it a little bit - but it still would have been nice to see it from your own perspective. They even have some forced slow-walk areas that are obviously meant to let you look around, but it just doesn't give the impact they intended.

It also sometimes has some weird graphical glitches when the camera focuses on the characters in cutscenes, and I'm not sure what causes that.

So overall you would probably get just as much enjoyment watching all the cutscenes on youtube as you would actually playing the game, since the platforming isn't particularly entertaining or challenging. It wasn't bad enough to make me want to turn the game off, but I definitely didn't want more of it either. Even in later levels the only real challenge is timing - sometimes there will be fire, electricity, or moving objects that you have to dodge as you jump - but that's not exactly rocket science. Maybe this game was aimed at younger kids, I don't know.

Synopsis:"Completely linear with simple puzzles that are often difficult to fail. Decent story with scenery ruined by awkward camera angles, except in cutscenes."