Neverending Nightmares [Steam store page]
Quick review of Neverending Nightmares

Well, it does end eventually, but they dragged out the game a bit too long for something where you spend most of the time just walking. The beginning was great, finding objects and then using them other dream sequences - but that mechanic went away quickly. After that they tried to shoehorn in every horror steath mechanic and it felt a bit formulaic or tacked on.

The last 15-30 minutes of the game (it felt like an hour) was just walking, no new mechanics or interesting objects to interact with, and this became tedious very quickly.

The sound design is what really makes this game interesting and gives it a good horror vibe - it keeps you tense throughout. The first half of the game also gave some good jump scares, and didn't overplay them either. Once again, those disappeared completely in the second half though - leaving it feeling a bit bland.

So while it only took an hour and a quarter to beat the game, I feel like it would have been more enjoyable if it had been half the length. Especially since there are a couple alternate endings, and an hour of repeated walking to reach them seems like a real chore.

Synopsis:"Good horror vibe and design, but they dragged it out for far too long - it would have been much more compelling as a 30 minute experience instead of 75."