Warhammer Quest [Steam store page]
The base game isn't really complete - it only includes 4 base classes and 3 Dungeon types. You have to buy the Deluxe edition for twice the price to get all the classes and scenarios - or unlock any of the 8 missing ones individually for $3 each.

Seriously sounds like a joke you'd find in DLC Quest.

Nevertheless, I gave it a shot with the choices available in the base game, playing for 9 hours total. The text story before and after dungeons is actually pretty well written and atmospheric, but the gameplay itself leaves a lot to be desired.

One of the biggest annoyances was that the movement is always turn based, regardless of whether you're in combat. Your entire party has to be moved one at a time down long empty hallways, rather than just moving them all at once with no restrictions until enemies are encountered.

When you're moving them you also have to be sure not to reveal a new room until all your heroes are close to the entrance - otherwise you'll have a bunch of characters stuck two or three moves behind, worthless for the start of the battle. There's also a chance that you'll just be randomly ambushed as you're moving your characters, and the placement of these new enemies isn't at all logical. It can be frustrating at times - but I guess it's so that you don't linger in the hallways waiting for your magic to recharge.

It really needs a limit though - I've had it happen multiple times in a row, immediately after I just finished dispatching the previous ambush. Eventually I just had to push forward down the hallway without regrouping and hope that the next revealed section wasn't a room with lots of enemies, ready to pounce on my unprepared party.

Once you get out of a dungeon you can head to town to visit a shop or a few other locations, but the towns also have some annoying random events that can rob you of money before you even have a chance to spend it, if you're unlucky. Just clicking to visit the shop is a risk, which is stupid. The random events (or paying gold at the town shrine) can also add temporary buffs or injuries that last for a certain number of dungeons.

Town is also where you switch out classes if you have more than the 4 base characters, but the location you'll probably use most is the training grounds - paying gold to level up your characters after they have enough XP. They don't really give you enough gold, so it takes an hour or more to even get your first ability, and a few hours until your party actually starts feeling useful and unique.

Before this the game is pretty repetitive, movement and simple hack and slash mostly. The new abilities add passive skills that give you extra chances to dodge or hit multiple enemies in one turn, and eventually new active skills as well.

Missed attacks can still be incredibly frustrating though, even at higher levels - and certain encounters are really brokenly difficult. ("Da Cursed Toof" anyone?) This would be less of a problem, except that even on normal any class that dies during a dungeon gets absolutely no XP, even if you complete it.

So while I enjoyed the writing, the gameplay itself is incredibly flawed and makes this game average at best or frustrating at worst. Although it isn't as strategic, I'd recommend playing Hand Of Fate instead if you want similar vibe without all the frustration.

Synopsis:Pretty good writing, but the DLC-filled gameplay is a disappointment - from repeated missed attacks, to leveling being a huge gold sink for no reason.