This one is for Parallax, the game you guys voted for the most during the Steam sale. It's a puzzle game, somewhat similar to Portal, but more linear since you're dealing with a pre-selected set of portals, buttons, and paths. At the same time it's more convoluted, because you actually have two dimensions to puzzle your way through on each level - going through a portal takes you to the opposite dimension.

It's a bit like chess, because you may have a limited set of buttons and portals to choose from at any given time, but you have to think three steps ahead - how are your actions going to effect the locations of the other portals and buttons? Pushing one button may rotate an entire section of the floor into a completely different position. And of course trying to beat each level in the lowest number of moves adds a bit more difficulty as well.

The mechanics are fairly simple, and a few levels into the game you're seeing all the elements that exist. They do add lasers and the ability to walk on the ceiling later in the game, but these don't really change the gameplay in any significant way - they just make the world more visually convoluted.

That was the hardest part for me - surveying the entire world and keeping both dimensions in my head to solve the puzzle. There isn't any way to get a bird's eye view, so you spend a while wandering around each level, discovering which buttons rotate different portals or floors, and trying to wrap your head around all of it. It doesn't have any story, but if you're looking for an abstract three-dimensional world to puzzle your way through, then you may want to check this one out.

Synopsis:An abstract world with two dimensions that will bend your mind trying to keep track of the switches that move portals or even the level itself.