It reminds me quite a bit of Master Reboot, the previous game by the same developer, and I was given a review copy for this one. The overarching theme seems very similar, although I felt like it isn't explained as clearly in this game. If I hadn't played Master Reboot I would have been pretty confused about what was going on.

The levels are also quite a bit more expansive, which makes for some neat environments, but at the same time they seemed a bit empty. I think it needed a few more collectables or interactive details scattered around to flesh it out.

The puzzles themselves weren't particularly complex or difficult, but figuring out what the actual puzzle wants you to solve can often be quite challenging. I had the same comment about the previous game, but here it felt even more intrusive since the puzzles and interaction were so simple.

So while I enjoyed the previous game, and I liked the creativity of the environments in this one, I also felt like it was lacking a little bit of the cohesiveness and polish that create an engaging experience. There was also an issue with the cutscenes being rather low res and blurry compared to the rest of the game, which was a bit jarring.

Synopsis:While the environments were more expansive than Master Reboot, I felt like the story was less cohesive. As a result the journey felt a bit scattered.