Indie Royale Halloween Bundle
The Indie Royale Halloween Bundle has a little over one day left, with 5 games for approximately $5 or more. I have reviews for Home, and MacGuffin's Curse posted already - so lets talk about the other games.

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse is a cartoony point-and-click game - not bad though point-and-clicks are not my favorite genre.

Pathologic is a game that some people love, and it has a lot of depth - but the graphics are incredibly rough and the detail is often conveyed through huge blocks of text. I just couldn't get past these two issues to actually enjoy the game. It's also translated from Russian, so some of the dialogue can seem quite weird. For example, one lady tells you that she can't help you find the man you're looking for - but she'd be happy to direct you to a different man that looks very similar.

EvilQuest's selling point is that you play a villain rather than the normal hero - unfortunately this doesn't make much difference in the actual gameplay. You still have to defeat monsters and enemies, the same as usual in a top-down RPG. Additionally, the graphics are pretty rough - they don't have a clean pixel art style.


MacGuffin's Curse

Steam Halloween Sale 2012
Steam has officially launched their Halloween sale again, and it looks like I have reviews of 16 of the games already finished. I think the highlights of this list are LIMBO, Killing Floor, Dead Space 2, and Atom Zombie Smasher. Plants vs Zombies and Orcs Must Die are solid choices as well, if you like the tower defense genre.

Orcs Must Die


Plants vs Zombies


Killing Floor

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Lone Survivor

Dead Horde

Dead Space/Dead Space 2

Dungeon Defenders

SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies)

Bunch of Heroes


Atom Zombie Smasher

The Adventures of Shuggy

Cave Story+

Groupees Bundle Of The Damned
Groupees Halloween offering came out yesterday, named "Bundle Of The Damned". I did video reviews for two of the games - Cryostasis was particularly interesting. Post Mortem is a point-and-click, and Manor Of The Damned is a retro RPG.

The only one I really disliked was BlindSide. The tutorial babbled on with so much information that by the time it actually shut up I couldn't remember what direction they had said to walk, which is a rather crucial element in a game where you can't see anything.

The voice acting was okay but they didn't balance the voices - trying to give it a spacial feel, unfortunately this only ended up making the woman's voice far too quiet compared to the man.



Indie Gala X
The 10th Indie Gala was officially released yesterday. I've already reviewed Omegalodon (this is the third bundle it's been in recently) - and the rest of the games are either RTS or turn-based strategy, with the exception of Lead And Gold, which is a multiplayer-only FPS.

I'm going to give reviewing the rest of these games a pass and work on some of the interesting ones from my massive backlog. Lately I've been looking for games to review that fall outside the major genres - so hopefully there will be an interesting bonus game or two to review in the second week of this bundle.

Indie Royale Fall Bundle
Another bi-monthly bundle from Indie Royale - this one is a pretty solid offering if you like story-based adventure games - as it features To the Moon and Blackwell Deception. Here are my reviews for the other three games in the bundle. Oil Rush and Reprisal are RTS games, AVSEQ is a music game.

Oil Rush

AVSEQ (audio-visual sequencer)


Groupees Be Mine 5 Bundle
It's the last day for the Groupees BeMine 5 Bundle - here are the three major games from the group:

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Tropico 3


Green Light Bundle 2
The Green Light Bundle is back again - this time the games look less geared toward mobile devices, which is a plus. This starts at a $1 minimum - if you're willing to pay $5 they'll also give you five more games. I don't really intend to review the MMO games in the second tier - but here are three reviews for the first tier of the bundle.



Pixel Blocked!

Indie Royale Getaway Bundle
The Indie Royale bundle is back with another six games. MiniFlake is nearly unplayable because of the tiny resolution and oddly unclear black and white pixel art, but Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and Waves are both decent games for their respective genres - randomly generated adventure, and twin stick shooter.

Shattered Horizon
Analogue: A Hate Story
Da New Guys

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure


Green Light Bundle
I was a bit disappointed with the pricing on this bundle, considering most of these games are Android/iOS titles ported to the PC. It's $1 minimum for the bottom tier of four games, which contains two titles that have been in other bundles - and $5 minimum if you want all eight games.

With almost two weeks left, you have plenty of time to decide if that's worth it to you. Here are the two games from previous bundles, which I had already reviewed:

Dino Run SE


Humble Indie Android Bundle 3
There are currently five games in the bundle, and I have reviews of four them for you. I'd definitely recommend taking a look at SpaceChem and BIT.TRIP BEAT - they're both excellent games.