Synopsis:While it may not be as novice-friendly as Human Resource Machine - this still does a good job of turning programming into a text-based puzzle game.

Human Resource Machine [Steam store page]

Synopsis:This turns programming into a puzzle-like experience. Simple and intuitive drag and drop code that asks you to use some surprisingly advanced concepts.

The Sea Will Claim Everything [Steam store page]

Synopsis:Weird aspect ratio, but this hand-drawn point-and-click is a fantastic world with unique characters and *tons* of interactable flavor details.

Just Cause 3 [Steam store page]

Synopsis:They gave you the wingsuit too early - and forcing you to liberate several zones to unlock each story mission removed a lot of the joy of destruction.

Synopsis:If you want to feel like a ninja, this is a great experience - with a solid tactical system and skills that give a lot of freedom and versatility.

Guild of Dungeoneering [Steam store page]

Synopsis:Some of the mechanics are unconventional, but once you learn how to play it properly it's a fun and well balanced dungeon crawler with a twist.

Hexcells Infinite [Steam store page]
Quick review of Hexcells Infinite

Synopsis:"While the random-map generation isn't quite as challenging as it should be, I still really enjoy the Hexcells series - they're a modernized Minesweeper."

Quick review of Grey Cubes

Synopsis:"A brick-breaker game with nice graphics but a serious lack of depth. Powerup cooldowns drag out each level, and all the bricks are very similar."

J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars [Steam store page]
Quick review of J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars

Synopsis:"A point-and-click with a neat environment and enough animation and video that you're immersed in each scene, rather than just hunting hidden objects."

Quick review of SOMA

Synopsis:"Strange middle-ground between a linear story and horror game. Not enough small detail for engagingly fleshed out story, but not scary enough for horror."