Kaiju-A-GoGo [Steam store page]
Quick review of Kaiju-A-GoGo

Synopsis:"I wish they let you pick more than 6 out of 60 abilities at once. Would make it more fun in some of the cities that don't have many landmarks to destroy"

Pre-Civilization Marble Age [Steam store page]
Quick review of Pre-Civilization Marble Age

Synopsis:"A resource management game where luck overshadows strategy, both in terms of enemies attacking and crucial resource bonuses throughout the game."

Door Kickers [Steam store page]
Quick review of Door Kickers

Synopsis:"You can plan out and re-run a mission multiple times, and the random enemy placement makes this feel lame in a non-deterministic "Bad Rats" sort of way."

Breach & Clear [Steam store page]
Quick review of Breach & Clear

Synopsis:"At the start this felt bland and weak compared to something like Frozen Synapse, but on harder levels/difficulties it has a satisfying teamwork feel."

How To Survive Third Person [Steam store page]
Quick review of How To Survive Third Person

Synopsis:"Same game, new perspective that makes aiming tougher. The framerate fluctuates quite a bit unless you're running it w/ vsync on a higher end computer."

Infinifactory [Steam store page]
Quick review of Infinifactory

Synopsis:"If 3D SpaceChem is what you want this is pretty good, although it could use more control over some of the building blocks. Also has a bit of a story."

Platformines [Steam store page]
Quick review of Platformines

Synopsis:"A subterranean platforming shooter, with a steep damage curve on enemies and relatively shallow gameplay. Poor AI makes the cardinal aiming survivable."

GemCraft - Chasing Shadows [Steam store page]
Quick review of GemCraft - Chasing Shadows

Synopsis:"This tower defense game is based on a free flash game, and does have some performance issues and rough graphics - but the mechanics are rather unique."

The Spatials [Steam store page]
Quick review of The Spatials

Synopsis:"The shooting missions all felt very similar to me and had very hotkey based combat, so I wish there was more emphasis on space station management."

Luna's Wandering Stars [Steam store page]
Quick review of Luna's Wandering Stars

Synopsis:"This has a big variety of game types - only 15 maps of each type - and my favorite were just the basic trajectory missions, which were really well done."